Hud Homes are foreclosure properties that were backed by FHA government financing. Cache County HUD Homes are listed on the MLS, but the method of going about making an offer on Logan Hud Homes is a little bit different. HUD home offers are made via an electronic bid, by an authorized HUD real estate agent. When Cache Valley Hud Homes are listed for sale, they are initially only made available to buyers who intent to use the House as their primary residence, the initial period for bidding is usually about 9 Days. If there are no acceptable offers within this period, then the Hud House is then made available too bids by real estate investors as well. The bidding deadline then is just whenever HUD gets an acceptable offer. If HUD homes are in good condition, they are not usually on the market for very long. HUD also has special programs for Teacher's, Police Officers, and other public service workers where they can get HUD homes at half price. However, this deal is almost never made available in Cache County.

The list below shows the current HUD Homes in Cache County. Cache Valley HUD Homes can be found everywhere, but are most often found in Logan, Hyrum, Nibley, Providence, Smithfield, Hyde Park, Richmond, and Wellsville Utah.

Update: The list below is not the most update list of HUD homes in Logan Utah. For a list of Logan HUD homes that are updated daily click this link:







Some older FHA foreclosed properties: 

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